Department of pathological analyzes

The vision

Our aspiration is to graduate students with education and professional practice to provide a hope of good health service in the community. We are plan to make our department at the focus of attention for students and researchers in the diagnosis of health issues and solve it by follow the approach of research and development .

The message

The Department adopts a general message based in general form on the framework of technical education in Iraq and seeks to achieve it every year to highlight the face of discrimination of the department. The general objectives are to graduate medical medical cadres at the level of learning and training and be able to work in the health sectors, the following
.Activate the relationship with the private sector in the field of laboratory analyzes.
.Follow up the development of the curricula of the training plans and then update the laboratories.
Activate the relationship with the private sector in the areas of laboratory analyzes.
. Use of modern laboratory techniques in education and training.

The goals

Being able to set up specialized laboratories in all fields of pathological analysis and processing with modern equipment and advanced technologies
Cooperate with colleges and relevant official departments such as schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and the Department of Health and the central laboratory in the province for the purpose of conducting various laboratory tests and collecting a greater amount of information and results then introducing them into electronic archiving to take advantage of the
Trend towards e-learning and the creation of a special website for provide lecturing or establishment of workshops that are all pour in the opening to the outside world
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