Vision, mission and goals


The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science is one of the accredited scientific departments and is known internationally for its innovative educational programs, for commitment to cultural diversity, research development, transfer of scientific knowledge, and for the graduates’ skills and high level of service to the community

the message

That the message of the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science / University of Thi-Qar is to achieve excellence in the art and science of chemistry through teaching, research and services and seek to

Generations of chemists distinguished by competence, commitment, safety and professionalism, coupled with high quality scientific knowledge and experience
Develop professional specialists committed to research, teaching and learning on an ongoing basis
Providing and strengthening services by providing a wide range of specialists in various fields such as health, industry and many other fields
Discover, disseminate and apply knowledge and science in many fields


Students of local and international competitors graduate and expand admission in preliminary and higher studies on the basis of modern and ensure

Maintain the scientific level.
Providing distinguished services in various disciplines.
Provide the best care and development for faculty members and staff.
Leadership in the fields of scientific research, progress and progress.
Communicate and collaborate with the corresponding colleges and institutions locally, regionally and globally

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