Vision, mission and goals


The Department of Physics is a pioneer in the field of education and scientific research to serve the community and a center for innovation and creativity through the development of our educational programs and high quality and within international standards

the message

The Physics Department offers distinguished academic programs and a scientific research system to achieve the aspirations of students and researchers and contribute to the service of the society technology and industry through the numbers of graduates with high quality to support national development and ensure the optimal employment of the public partnership.

the goals

First: To prepare graduates who are able to understand the principles of physics in the fields known internationally. The work focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of preparing graduates for the following fields:

Ministry of Health laboratories
Technical formations in the Ministries of Interior and Defense
Technical installations at the Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Oil laboratories and facilities
Standardization & Quality Control Laboratories
Ministry of Electricity
Laboratories and facilities of the Ministry of Environment
Research centers of the Ministry of Science and Technology
Institutions and schools of the Ministry of Education

Second: To prepare the advanced scientific cadres in the fields of physics through the selection of an advanced elite of postgraduate graduates supported by advanced theoretical courses of a high level and close to the level of European and American universities
Third: Preparing graduates to manage the scientific institutions through training them in large scientific work teams on how to distribute the scientific works and setting their timetables, the follow-up mechanism and the mechanism of preparing the supplies.
Fourth: Dissemination of the scientific culture of physics specialization through conferences and seminars focusing on the gathering of specialists from all scientific departments and institutions for the purpose of publishing their research and presenting the problems of work and seeking to solve them.

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