Vision, mission and goals


To raise the level of education for students of the Faculty of Science – University of Dhi Qar to achieve high quality and quality, and develop the research capacity of students, and take advantage of the latest technological developments (information technology), spreading the spirit of cooperation between faculty members within the college, and the establishment of scientific activities and lectures and seminars and scientific conferences Scientific studies


To achieve the goals and goals of higher education, and to provide university education and graduate studies for students of the college, with the development of their scientific and practical skills, and the skills of dealing inside and outside the college, encouraging faculty members to scientific research and participate in solving the problems of society, through the translation and writing of related scientific books.


To support the outputs of university education for the education sector and the health, industrial and commercial sectors with scientific competencies of the students of the college in line with the development plans.
Linking the specialties of the college departments The labor market needs through joint cooperation between the departments of the college, the private sector and the government through joint workshops to develop the mechanism of cooperation.
To develop qualified human resources for the teaching profession in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and to provide the community with specialists in various sciences at the level of bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate.
Cooperation with science colleges in local and international universities.
Developing behavioral attitudes (interpersonal skills) among college students.
Comprehensive evaluation of training programs in the light of the results of international experiences and developments in the field of scientific and technical knowledge and the requirements of the labor market.

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